Deeper Walk With God

2 years ago my friend Carrol and I started talking about the desire to go deeper into a relationship with God. Our desire was good but recently I realized we lacked a couple things. One, commitment to put God first. Two, to have that commitment be in reading the Bible. After having a Bible Study for a little over a year, we have succeeded at going deeper in our relationship with God.

A few months ago in our Bible Study group, reading from the book, Leaving Ordinary Encounter God through Extraordinary Prayer, by Donna Gaines, it was in the first chapter reading that relationship with God was to be a priority….but it wasn’t. From there Carrol and I started a text devotion.

It is our desire to now have this blog be a portal to where likeminded Christians that have a desire to deepen their relationship with God have this site do just that.

This blog is to share your daily reading of scripture, give insight, encourage and also be able to read what others are reading and discovering as the Lord guides, strengthens and equips each one devoted in going deeper still in the one true God.

I am still learning this blogging concept so please be patient.


Published by Linnea

I have a love for people and desire to share with others faith of the one true King who has held on to me throughout the years. He pursued and He alone changed me from the inside out. It is not easy being a Christian and it has not been easy finding my voice or even being confident of who I am as a Christian. This though I know, 2 years ago a good friend of mine talked about how we wanted to go deeper in knowing God. It was a struggle....we had no idea of how to get to that deeper walk but then one day we formed a bible study. Two years later, we have strength in God...we have a deeper faith and a deeper understanding. What did it take? 1. Being Obedient 2. Being Committed 3. Staying in Prayer 4. Stepping out.

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  1. About 4 or 5 years ago I decided to read the OT from beginning to end. Not just read it but to study it. It took me about that long to fulfill that desire. Now I am re-reading the NT. As I begin my study of Mark today, I look forward to sharing what I uncover and discover as I once again study the NT. Blessings and peace to all who venture here.

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