Looking After Others

When disaster strikes we see an overwhelming amount of support to those in need. It is great to see and when able, greater still to participate!

We have the ability to participate daily! How would things look like if we took the time, daily, to pray for God’s help in the things happening around the world? What is happening in Hong Kong, Israel, Texas, Chicago, Bahamas, Florida….pick and choose any state, your state, or country, if Christians took time in their day to pray….can you just imagine the power of God coming down on earth to help? I can.

Philippians 2:20-21 “I have no one else like him, who takes a genuine interest in your welfare. For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.” This was Paul talking about Timothy. But these two verse I see so revelant today.

We must again put Christ first and in the issues of what is occurring today! Wake up Christians, come back, those that have turned away from God, He needs you! He needs each one of us looking to Him.

Those not knowing the one who created you-take time to seek Him. I can guarantee if you truly seek and find out about God, He will reveal himself. He needs you, helping with the battle of saving others.

Today begin to commit to prayer, daily. No longer be as Paul says “For everyone looks out for his own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.”

Jesus Christ did not die on the cross for nothing…..He died so that we might live. Jesus love was so great the He died so that we may have eternal Life! As Christians we must take this interest of His to heart and start finding ways to redeem his people.

Ask God what it is He wants you to do. Write out a prayer of the things on your heart, put it to prayer daily or more! Let’s be like Timothy and strength train in showing genuine daily care for those around us, for the turmoil in the world.

Strength train…but have it be God’s power working in and through you!! He has made you to go do great things in the lives of others.

Published by Linnea

I have a love for people and desire to share with others faith of the one true King who has held on to me throughout the years. He pursued and He alone changed me from the inside out. It is not easy being a Christian and it has not been easy finding my voice or even being confident of who I am as a Christian. This though I know, 2 years ago a good friend of mine talked about how we wanted to go deeper in knowing God. It was a struggle....we had no idea of how to get to that deeper walk but then one day we formed a bible study. Two years later, we have strength in God...we have a deeper faith and a deeper understanding. What did it take? 1. Being Obedient 2. Being Committed 3. Staying in Prayer 4. Stepping out.

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