Christ and His Power

Philippians 3:10 “I want to know Christ and the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings, becoming like him in his death, and so, somehow, to attain the resurrection from the dead.”

It is hard to understand fully these two verses. If you have something to add please do! But the following is what I understand

What I do know is that my heart is fully set on knowing him. Since May I have been slowly going through the New Testament.

But I am also in two Bible Studies, did group texting Bible devotions and just keep saturating myself with God’s word. What a difference this make in my daily walk.

I do know this,the only way to know His power is to be willing to sacrifice some time in getting to know him. And easily enough it is taking 15 minutes a day to read.Becoming like Him? Means that the more I spend with him, the less of who I used to be is a part of me. But it also requires going to Him and asking Him in your life.

Fellowship of sharing in his sufferings? Well the way I see it, is that when I asked God in my life, my heart was turned towards his cares, not my own. It became J.O.Y- Jesus, others, then myself. The old self is truly going bye-bye (It is a daily thing, that never goes away completely)! And the new, Christ in me, is here to stay. It takes work though! I didn’t understand until earlier this year, I kept God at arms length for many years…but even then He stayed with me, helped me through difficulties and He also taught me along the way….1. His ways are better 2. His promises are true 3. He honestly pursues to fulfill the plans of your life and mine and each year God never failed to direct me back to Him. We have to submit, give our life over to Him so he can shape and create what this world stole.

“Becoming like him in his death.” To become a child of God, one must “die” confessing their sins, acknowledging that Jesus died on the cross so that each one of us can have a new everlasting life in him! We won’t be fully complete until we are in Heaven. But we do have now the resurrection of the Lord’s power transforming us!! Seize it!!

Begin a true relationship with God. He does what He promises. He will bring you your heart’s desire, if it aligns with His.

Nothing compares to living a life with Christ. My heart’s desire is that those who are seeking things in this world to make themselves happy, give it up….nothing but knowing the Creator who created you can give you peace, understanding and a life truly worth living for. He is waiting, knock and the door will open. Let his resurrection power work within you to transform you in what He created you to be…a child of the one true King!

Published by Linnea

I have a love for people and desire to share with others faith of the one true King who has held on to me throughout the years. He pursued and He alone changed me from the inside out. It is not easy being a Christian and it has not been easy finding my voice or even being confident of who I am as a Christian. This though I know, 2 years ago a good friend of mine talked about how we wanted to go deeper in knowing God. It was a struggle....we had no idea of how to get to that deeper walk but then one day we formed a bible study. Two years later, we have strength in God...we have a deeper faith and a deeper understanding. What did it take? 1. Being Obedient 2. Being Committed 3. Staying in Prayer 4. Stepping out.

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